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Welcome to The Yarjerit Archives!

This is not a single D&D campaign, but a site that leads to each of my original (homebrew) campaigns. My very first D&D character was a dragonborn bard named Yarjerit Tinntinabularr, and he collects stories in an archive. In that vein, I have named the entire collection of stories and adventures that result from my campaigns, “The Yarjerit Archives.”

Campaigns (as a DM)

These campaigns all take place in the same homebrew world, though in different times and areas. Below are links to each campaign I’ve created and run as a DM:

1. Here There Be Science; Here There Be Dragons!
(Steampunk, March—May 2016)
2. Pockets & Monsters
(Pokemon, June—July 2016)
3. A Brief Recess Beneath the Rubble
(Subterranean Steampunk, Oct 2016—Mar 2017)
4. United They Stood; Depraved They Fell
(Revolutionary War Era, a descent to evil, Oct 2016—Jan 2017)

Yarjerit’s Personal Stories

In addition to these campaigns, there are other stories that have been collected and experienced by my bard character, Yarjerit. These are stories from campaigns in which I was a player but can still be considered part of these archives:

1. My Brief and Perilous Sojourn in the Underdark, in which I played “Out of the Abyss” as Yarjerit Tinntinabularr; this was my very first D&D game experience

2. My Ignorance and Redemption in the Business of Mind Flayers

3. Adventures in which Yarjerit Balasarr Made Atonment to Bahamut, in which I played “Horde of the Dragon Queen” as a dragonborn monk named Yarjerit Balasarr, who I decided would be Yarjerit T.’s father

My PCs

I would also like to keep a record of the characters I’ve created and played in various campaigns. They can be found in the Characters page.

General Notes

Below are some general notes about my campaigns and these blogs:

—My primary audience includes friends and family, as well as anyone else who happens to stumble upon this page. Though many who explore this campaign may be familiar with D&D, I decided to record my campaigns like a set of stories, so that anyone could follow along.

—In the Adventure Log of each campaign, where the main story is recorded in chapters, I refer to the main characters as “adventurers,” “heroes,” “players,” and “the party.” Though a few non-player characters get involved in the adventures, I will focus on the characters that were played by my friends, the players, and will refer to them as such.

—Because this uses material from D&D 5e, I will site my sources with the following abbreviations:
PHB = Player’s Handbook
DMG = Dungeon Master’s Guide
MM = Monster Manual

—As a DM, I like to have worlds develop organically. Though I make appropriate preparations before each session, some characters, places, and events are built randomly and/or on the fly. Then, I take that material (along with the consequences of the players’ choices) and establish it in the world for the future. This helps me save on preparation time, and facilitates that organic development of the world(s) in my campaigns.

—As the DM, I created a house rule to add a little more humor in the role playing. I call it “Vicious Insults.” Each time a character insulted or made a mockery of another character, I had the verbal attacker roll a d20. If the result was higher than 10, the insult would deal 1d4 psychic damage and possibly make the insulted character a little more hostile. If the d20 roll was 10 or below, no damage was dealt.

—Yarjerit (DM)

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