Aaron "Baron" Dippity

Played in a lengthy Warhammer-based campaign


Race: Human (Variant, to take the “Lucky” feat)
Class: Cleric
Archetype: Trickery Domain
Gender: Male

Background: Charlatan (Gambler)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Languages: Common and Draconic

Age: 32
Height: 6’
Weight: 180

Skin: Pale
Hair: Brown

Strong Traits: Wisdom, Dexterity
Weak Traits: Strength, Constitution
Skills: Insight, Persuasion, Slight of Hand
Weapons of Choice: Mace, “Wheel of Fortune” shield, cards, dice, lucky coin


The Baron is always game for a game, and he’s always willing to take his chances. Aaron Dippity (aka “The Baron” or just “Baron”) is a lover of games, riddles, and puzzles. He always carries dice, cards, and his lucky coin to always be ready for a friendly game or wager. Even when short on coin, he likes to wager a few copper or silver pieces on trivial matters.

Despite his fun-loving nature, he is well armed with a mace, as well as a custom shield he likes to call his “Wheel of Fortune” beause it can spin to randomly select one of 12 numbered panels.

He doesn’t believe in a deity, except perhaps that “Lady Luck must be watching over me, I guess,” as he is known to say off-handedly. In reality, he is watched over and blessed with power by a deity of fortune.

The Baron actually has no high lineage to speak of, but he’d rather make others believe that he is worthy of the title, even if it is self-given because he was never too impressed with his real given name, Aaron. Besides, he hardly looks wealthy. Though Baron likes to dress up on occasion, he often has a rougher Western appearance, especially when he’s traveling.

Despite his tendency towards the use of illusions and trickery, Baron rarely actually cheats in a game (unless he has a specific con in mind or the stakes are too high for him to leave everything to chance). He feels himself a champion of good people, and a force against oppressive establishment. Apart from his chaotic good morals, Baron explores the world primarily to to learn and play as many games with as many people as possible. He loves learning new games, and he has a deep-rooted belief in the power of games to bring fortune and good will to all people. He makes many casual, friendly connections everywhere he goes, as he is often very social, outgoing, and often daring.

Aaron "Baron" Dippity

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